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We would love to hear from businesses that sell supplies for sewing, knitting, jewellery making, artists and creators alike. We would also love to hear from you if your business sells handmade items, you design your own patterns or provide a service/product that allows people and businesses to create. If you would like to join our collection and gain more exposure in this niche market, then please submit your business details below for consideration.

Pricing details and package inclusions are available below. It is important that you read our Terms & Conditions before submitting your listing.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Handcrafted Collective and building a successful relationship with you.



Your success is our success and we love nothing more than showing off the amazing handmade businesses that Australia and the world has to offer. That is why we want to showcase you, our fellow business in arms. When you join The Handcrafted Collective, you will automatically receive a welcome post on Facebook and Instagram to our social media followers tagging your business as a thank you to you from us.

If that is not enough, we also have an exclusive Facebook group for or members to learn more about marketing their business and social media. We understand it is a mine-field out there and sometimes as  business owners we can get caught up in the creating and leave the marketing in the too hard basket. As a small handmade business owner myself, I understand this all too well. We are going to work together and grow our businesses to something we are proud of and reach goals once thought impossible!

SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS: Each new business will be shared on our social media channels upon joining The Handcrafted Collective. BRONZE Package member will have one image shared in their welcome post. SILVER Package members will have up to 3 images shared and GOLD Package members will have a feature carousel of multiple images to showcase their business to the highest level.

SILVER and GOLD members will also receive posts shared throughout the month on both Facebook and Instagram. The number of post shares will depend on the package listing. Silver package members will receive one shout out per platform per month and Gold Package members will receive 2 posts or shares each month on both social media channels.

FACEBOOK BUSINESS LEARNING GROUP: Our exclusive Facebook group is for members only to learn tips and tricks about marketing their business and social media. It is also a support group for our members to ask questions and help one another out so we can all grow together. This group is available to our Silver and Gold Package members.

NEWSLETTER: As a special exclusive offer to our Gold members, your business will feature as a sponsor in our quarterly newsletter to our mail subscribers. Your business ad will link back to your website for further potential business exposure.

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