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Thread Faction Studios a company that sells digital sewing patterns, the kind that you can download at 11pm when you get 'a great idea' and have 2 (at least right??) hours before you really need to go to bed where you can squeeze in a bit of kids-in-bed sewing time.

When I make my designs, I strive for fashion forward modifications on the types of clothes my kids and I wear every day, so the items I sew get plenty of wear, and the items I wear every day fit perfectly.

And to be honest, I don't know if I have achieved 'fashion forward' (this 35 year old has been living in kid land too long to really be cutting edge, and I don't know if I was anywhere near it to start with) but we really do love our patterns, and I hope you do too.


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#114 Grow-with-me Slim Trousers - PDF Sewing Pattern

#112 Grow-with-me Suspender Skirt - PDF Sewing Pattern

#117 Bow Blouse- Instant download PDF Sewing Pattern