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The Magnetorium is a Victorian based company, owned and operated by Kate - Mother of two, Master (slave) of two cats, Feeder of five fish!

The Magnetorium creates fridge magnets to help you hold things up with style, so you no longer have to put your shopping list, works of art, invitations or bills on the fridge using googly-eyed magnets.

All magnet sets incorporate rare earth neodymium magnets as their magnet base. These magnets are very strong and will hold multiple A4 sheets of paper with ease, so you know what you put on the fridge - stays on the fridge. Well, until you decide to take it off!

Every magnet set is beautifully wrapped and packaged in a lovely gift bag making them the perfect gift idea for thank you gifts, birthdays presents, Kris Kringle’s or any celebration.

With a fantastic array of magnet sets, there is something to suit everyone, so get exploring and give your fridge a makeover!


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