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Little Seren is all about simple, stylish lines that showcase not only amazing fabrics, but also your child’s personality. All garments are one-of-a-kind pieces or part of a limited edition collection so your child’s clothing can be just as unique as they are. 
Little Seren clothing is made from fabrics that feature awesome, irresistible patterns, hand-stamped designs (often made with hand-carved stamps), or solid colours to match and create a complete outfit.A lot of time is spent creating each garment- designing, sourcing or making fabrics and trims, and then sewing- and great care is taken to ensure high quality finishes with careful attention to detail. 
I loved creating every piece in the Little Seren store, and it is my hope that not only will you love them too, but they will enable your child to stand out from the crowd and their personality shine bright.
- Alison

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Hand Stamped Purple Star Shorts

Hand stamped Black White "Le Panda Stripe" Playsuit

Colourpop Dungaree Dress