Let’s Work Together


  • Do you own a handmade business?
  • Are you a creator?
  • Do you supply handmade businesses with the materials needed to make their creations come to life?
  • Are you a creative person who writes blogs or tutorials showing how we can DIY those fabulous handmade items?
  • Mastering all there is to know about running a handmade business online can be a minefield WE CAN HELP YOU!

Our vision at The Handcrafted Collective is to empower the creator in you to continually strive towards the realisation of the dreams we both hold for your handmade business. Growing, learning, collaborating and networking are what can make a business thrive.

Be seen by a new audience, increase your businesses exposure, learn tips and tricks on how to help your business grow and collaborate with other handmade businesses.

Your success is our success and we love nothing more than showing off the amazing handmade businesses that Australia has to offer. This is why we want toย showcase you, our fellow business in arms.

Let’s bring handcrafted back to the community for lovers of handmade to be inspired, whether to purchase handmade, use your pattern or fabric to create for themselves,ย  or putting together the ultimate gift for that special someone.

For more details on the packages we provide please apply below and let us show you where a networking, collaborative business membership can take you!

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