The hidden benefits of knitting

As you sit down to read this, 1000’s of women (and men) have just poured a cuppa and are perched up on their favourite chair, needles and wool at the ready to enjoy a few hours knitting. Whether they are watching their favourite TV show at night, or catching a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon, knitting is a favoured pastime and hobby for many.

For some, happiness and health can be found in their basket of wool and needles. And the benefits for both body and mind may well be quite surprising!

Fight Off Arthritis

A regular knitting session a few times a week will do wonders for helping your hands stave off painful arthritis. The activity provides gentle and regular exercise for your hands and fingers. Keeping your finger and hand joints active will help prevent the joints from becoming stiff and arthritic.

Reconnect With The Present

Quiet and comforting activities like knitting, allow us to recharge and reconnect with others. As we sit and knit, we allow our minds to quietly reflect on the past day, thinking about friends and family or just allow us to appreciate the moment.

Join A Knitting Club and Be Social

Join a club for a lot of fun. Meeting anywhere from once a week to once a month, a group of like minded women who enjoy knitting, some cake and tea and a bit of chat – knitting clubs are a great social outlet. Why not form one today?

Stitching And Stress Free

Knitting is very relaxing. So relaxing that is has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and can reduce your heart rate, muscle tension and blood pressure.

Knit Away Dementia

Knitting has been associated with lowering the risk of dementia.