How to apply minimalist style to your wardrobe

how to create a capsule wardrobe with minimalist style

Question for you? Have you seen this “new” name for a timeless minimalist style wardrobe going around with heaps of hype behind it?

Have you seen it mentioned and have absolutely no idea what they are talking about?

Confession time, when I saw it mentioned in a couple of sewing groups a few months back I did have to ‘google’ what it meant. I wanted to see for myself why everyone was so excited about making their own Capsule Wardrobe.  I tell you; sometimes I feel I live under a rock!Continue Reading →

NEVER buy knickers again: Free Handmade Childrens Knickers pattern

sew4bub kids knickers underpants

Do you have a knicker monster in your house? Wondering where have all the good knickers gone ?

Why not create your own handmade Children’s knickers?

Hello Collectives, I’m Liz from and Thread Faction Studio and I am so grateful to Katie for inviting me over to guest post today. I have created a tutorial for how to make some girls knickers, along with a free sewing pattern for you.

Knickers are a relatively inexpensive item to buy, so you might be thinking why would you bother with handmade??Continue Reading →



The hidden benefits of knitting

As you sit down to read this, 1000’s of women (and men) have just poured a cuppa and are perched up on their favourite chair, needles and wool at the ready to enjoy a few hours knitting. Whether they are watching their favourite TV show at night, or catching a few hours on a lazy Sunday afternoon, knitting is a favoured pastime and hobby for many.

For some, happiness and health can be found in their basket of wool and needles. And the benefits for both body and mind may well be quite surprising!Continue Reading →


If you are new to sewing then you will want to get started with a few simple projects to learn the basics before you move on to more complicated patterns.

Here are 3 great tutorials to get you started.

Tote Bag

A great project to start with is a tote bag as it is an easy project that won’t take too long to complete and it makes a great bag for the kids to use as a library bag or even a great alternative to plastic bags when you pop in to buy milk and bread!  Pam from Threading My Way has a fantastic library bag tutorial for you to follow.


Once you have mastered this library bag Pam has links to other library bags to make including using contrasting  fabrics in library bags and appliqueing book titles to your library bag.  You will also find that Pam has a whole lot more for you to learn on her blog, from bags and baskets to home decor projects and even kids clothing and accessories!


A pillowcase is a great project for beginners.  You can start out with all the same fabric for your pillowcase or you can splash out and add co-ordinating fabrics like Susie from Flowerpress Blog has in her tutorial.


Once you have mastered the pillowcase then you can adjust the sizing to suit cushions as well which is a great way to update your tired throw cushions.  Susie has some other fantastic tutorials on her blog such as a drawstring bag, even a tutu!

Zipper Pouch

A great skill to have is how to add a zipper to a project so this easy zipper pouch from Ros at Sew Delicious is perfect for showing you how to sew a zipper. Zipper pouches are so easy to make and are so versatile, great for keeping your handbag organised, or turn one into a pencil case for the kids!


Once you have mastered the zipper and fallen in love with creating these gorgeous zipper pouches Ros has 20 more for you to make!  You can take a look at her post here.

So now you can get started with these great beginners sewing projects!