sewing tool kit

If you are new to sewing you might be wondering where to start with all of the tools and equipment available on the market. To help you out here are my 5 essential tools for your tool kit.

For the purpose of this blog I am assuming that you already own a sewing machine and that you have an iron handy!

1. Scissors

You will definitely want to invest in a high quality pair of fabric scissors. These will often come at a reasonable cost but they will be worth it and will perform better. Good quality fabric scissors will enable you to cut your fabric with ease and make your sewing much more precise and efficient. And make sure to hide your fabric scissors from everyone, especially the kids, as they are only to be used to cut fabric…not paper or cardboard or anything else…ever!!!

You will also need to keep a small pair of sharp scissors handy when sewing for snipping threads and for other jobs that your fabric scissors will be too bulky for.

A good pair of household scissors will come in handy for cutting paper patterns too.

2. Seam Ripper

A good seam ripper will be be invaluable! My advice would be to not purchase the cheapest ones around but perhaps go midpriced or more as you want to make sure that your seam ripper is sharp and that it will stay sharp even after use so that you can unpick your mistakes with ease.

3. Pins and a Pincushion

It is advisable to purchase good quality glass head pins that are sharp and will not rust. You want the pins to be easy to insert into your fabric, especially if it is a heavier weight like a denim.

A pincushion is also an inexpensive purchase but a wise one as it makes it easier to have it by your sewing machine to put your pins in as your remove them while you sew.

4. Measuring Tools

A good quality flexible tape measure is a must. One that has both metric and imperial measurements will come in handy and for convenience a tape measure of approx. 150cm will work well.

A see-through rule is another handy measuring tool, particularly useful in quilting but you will find it useful in making clothes and other items too.

A 6″ sewing gauge is a metal tool with a sliding bar that you can set to the required increment, perfect for seam allowances and hemming.

5. Marking Tools

Dressmakers chalk pencils are possibly the easiest way to mark fabric. You would be well advised to invest in both dark and light colours so that you can always see the chalk on your fabric. A pencil sharpener will be needed to keep a good point on your pencils.

A water soluble pen is also a good way to mark fabric and is great because the ink will wash out.

So there you have my list of the 5 essential tools for the beginners sewing tool kit. With these tools you will have everything you need to be able to start sewing clothes, bags, curtains and so much more straight away.

Happy sewing!

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